Dental Implants

Have you considered dental implants for your missing teeth? There’s a lot to think about. Not only do you need to consider the investment and whether or not you are a good candidate, you also need to keep in mind the skill level of the dentist who will be performing your procedure.

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Pete has not only completed his education in general dentistry, but he also continued on to get his post-doctorate education in prosthodontics. His many years of education, practice, and even teaching means that our Teaneck, NJ dental office is the best place to go for dental implants. 

Dental implants can help patients with a variety of different dental issues. Primarily, dental implants are used to replace missing or irreparably damaged teeth. Dental implants offer a natural-looking and permanent solution to improve your beautiful smile.

How Do Implants Work?

Implants are used to permanently replace missing teeth. Instead of having a denture or other removable prosthetic, the implant is surgically secured in your mouth. Implants offer not only improved oral health and esthetics but also allow you to eat and chew more naturally. You only have one smile and our Teaneck dental office wants you to use it with pride!

Dental implants help you:

  • Improve your mouth’s health and appearance
  • Feel better when smiling
  • Fill in obvious gaps where teeth are missing or have drifted apart
  • Eat without worrying about having to clean or remove dentures or dental structures
  • Feel more confident and secure

What Does the Implant Process Look Like?      

The goal is to improve not only your dental health but also your appearance, so we take the time to work with you and learn more about your goals and your needs instead of rushing through the process. Since dental implants offer a permanent solution to the challenge of missing teeth, the process of getting them is lengthier than most other dental procedures. 

First, an artificial root made of titanium is surgically implanted into your jaw where the tooth is missing. Once the bone and surrounding tissues have had sufficient time to heal, Dr. Pete will then attach your custom-made teeth to their new titanium roots. The end result is a permanent and natural looking restoration.

Can I Afford a Dental Implant?

At Distinctive Dental Arts, we know that dental care can often take a back burner because of cost. We work with our patients to offer them the best, most cost-effective care possible.  

We accept most major dental insurance plans and are happy to offer payment arrangements to patients who qualify. We also accept CareCredit financing, which allows monthly payments. Don’t let cost keep you from having the smile that you deserve.

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