Cone Beam X-Rays

When we are planning advanced treatment, including dental implant placement, the more information we have, the better. Cone beam x-rays tell us what we need to know so that we can make informed decisions and provide the very best advice regarding your oral health care.

Different than traditional x-rays, cone-beam x-rays offer 3-D images of your entire facial structure in a fast and non-invasive way. The more technical name for cone-beam x-rays is cone-beam computed tomography, or CBCT. These specialized x-ray beams deliver a 3-D image of three different regions of your face: your teeth, the maxillofacial (mouth, jaw, and neck) structures, and your ENT (ears, nose, and throat). 

Better Implant Placement with Cone-Beam X-rays

In order for a dental implant to be securely and permanently placed, it is important that a patient have sufficient high-quality jawbone structure. Cone-beam technology means that our staff can see if a dental implant will hold or if a different treatment option needs to be discussed. With the 3-D x-ray, we can determine where the best placement of the implant would be and take the appropriate steps to ensuring a long-lasting, successful implantation.

With the changes in technology, Dr. Pete and our staff are better able to offer the most professional and accurate implant options. Cone-beam technology gives us the ability to see a 3-D image of all of the different structures that are a part of the process, allowing us to put together the best treatment plan for your specific needs.

What Can Cone-Beam Technology Do?

3-D x-rays allow for virtual planning of implantation – before the surgery day. This means there are no surprises when it is time to place your implants.

With the ability to see your facial structures, we are able to accurately determine if your bone will be able to successfully hold the implant. Capturing three different sections of your face allows our staff to create an accurate “map” of your mouth. In addition to dental implant placement, we can also use cone beam x-rays to look for areas of infection, get a better look at lesions that could indicate oral cancer, plan orthodontic treatment, and determine whether surgery is an appropriate treatment option for conditions like TMJ.

Quick and non-invasive, cone-beam technology makes dental care easier. There are no uncomfortable bite-wings or objects that need to be placed within your mouth to take the x-ray. The device moves around your head, taking images as it goes.

Are Cone-Beam X-Rays Safe?

Cone-beam x-rays have been in use for many years and offer invaluable information to dentists.  All x-rays emit some type of radiation, but cone-beam and other dental x-rays emit less radiation than most other types of medical imaging and are instrumental in proper and effective treatment.

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