Dr. Peter Tsatsaronis, DMD
A Great Dentist

Why should I see a prosthodontist instead of a general dentist?

Along with the necessary dental training that is required to become a general dentist, prosthodontists continue on to complete the additional education to become a specialist. This extra education teaches the dentist how to properly fix dental structures and offer dental prosthetics to replace missing or damaged teeth. Specialized training and experience mean that prosthodontists have gone the extra mile to offer the most up-to-date technologies for dental implants. 

Only 2% of American dentists continue after dental school to complete the training to become prosthodontists. Dr. Pete is an experienced prosthodontist who has gone above and beyond the average training. He even teaches prosthodontics to dental students. His extra experience makes our Teaneck, NJ dental office an excellent choice for anyone who is choosing a new dentist.

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